SEO Basics: Backlinks Explained

Updated: Jun 16

Backlinks For SEO

Backlinks need to be explained because, technically, backlinks don't exist. A backlink is actually a hyperlink or inbound link to another webpage or website. Backlinks are references and citations used to get a search engine like Google to take you more seriously.

SEO Backlinks Explained:

SEO backlinks or website backlinks refer to inbound links from other web pages or websites. Search engines treat backlinks like a vote of confidence. This is because search engines like Google or Bing treat backlinks as a way to judge the importance of a web page or website. The higher the volume and quality of backlinks, the higher a search engine will rank you on the SERP, i.e., the search engine results page.

SEO Backlink Explained

How To Get Backlinks:

You get backlinks by developing a robust backlink strategy that is both effective and sustainable. To create a strategy, you need to recognize two core SEO backlink rules. First, you should target backlinks that have a high domain authority (DA). Domain authority means backlink value; the higher the domain authority, the better the backlink; a DA over 50 should suffice as a high-quality backlink. Next, you need to make sure that the backlink destination is relevant to your products and services.


How Many Backlinks Do I Need?

The rule here is quality over quantity. That is to say, having 5 high-quality backlinks is better than having 50 junk backlinks. This is because search engines know what's well and know what's terrible and rank accordingly. So, if your backlink from a junk website, Google will consider your junk.

How To Use Backlinks:

First, keep your links relevant. Relevancy depends on both you and your backlink partners' product and service. Building solid relationships with high authority sites where you provide high-quality content in exchange for backlinks is also a great approach.

Backlinks Generator Online:

If you search backlinks generator online you will find a number of companies who either advertise their own backlink building service or seek to tell you where your competitors are advertising. Unfortunately there is no such service. However, if you lack time and expertise maybe a backlink building service is the right option for you.

Buy Quality Backlinks:

Buying backlinks means outsourcing the link-building process to a company. First, they create your content, which will be used to contain a link to your website and then placed on another website, which will then backlink to you. Next, they will find targeted websites after screening them on specific, well-defined parameters such as domain authority and relevance, etc. After that, they will complete the link outreach and link placement for a fee.

To learn more about backlinks and backlink strategy, check out our ultimate guide to SEO.


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