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Delivering business results through SEO & PPC services for you while we build the next generation of SEM software. 

We are an SEO Company that maximizes your online marketing ROI by developing transparent, trustworthy, and business-focused SEO and PPC strategies to win you more leads and sales. 

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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Online Marketing

Innovation-X is truly international, with bases in the UK and Spain and team members in the USA, Canada and the Asian Pacific region. Founded by one ex-banker and one former marketing executive, IX aims to bring creative results to your digital marketing program. That's why our solutions are always customized, transparent, and results orientated. 

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We Deliver Business Results Through SEO and PPC Services Around the World



Get to the top of Google's organic search results and stay there with our Local, International, Full Service or Project-Based SEO solutions. Our search engine optimization service brings high-quality traffic to your site and ensures you're ready to convert it to leads and sales.

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Generate immediate results for your business with PPC advertising. Whether it's through Google Ads or Social Media Advertising, we're a PPC agency that knows how to get your business in front of the right searchers at the right time and achieve a high conversion rate. 

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SEO & PPC Solutions Created With Your Business Goals Front and Center

Innovation-X combines AI Technology and Behavioural Economics with marketing expertise to ensure your business's online presence provides maximum return on investment. Our technological capability and handpicked global network of experts generate results that only a large marketing team can bring for the price of just one person. Our scientific method and intentional, customized strategies enable us to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be with precision and finesse.