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Innovation-X has been developing its AI and behavioral economics SEM software, and now in July 2022, we're ready to take on customers. Come join us for the ride and see what our full-service SEO & PPC packages (and soon our software) can do for you. 


Redefining the Way 
You Market Online

Innovation-X combines AI technology and Behavioural Economics with industry expertise to maximize your business's SEO and PPC capability through intentional and customized strategies. Our technological capability and handpicked global network of experts means you get results that only a large marketing team can bring for the price of just one person.


Our scientific method will give you an accurate view of what you need to achieve your business targets from an SEO and PPC perspective. To do this, we will first give you insights into your industry, competitors, and consumers from an online marketplace perspective. Next, we will analyze how SEO, PPC, and Content marketing can give your business the competitive advantage. After that, we will give you deep insights into your current search engine marketing performance and show you how SEO, PPC, and content can bridge the gap between your current performance and your business objectives. If you're tired of marketing agencies that roll out pre-defined, jargon-filled packages that don't deliver any tangible business results - we've got you. All our packages are 100% tailored to your business objectives, and we make sure everything we do is tied back to a win for your business. We primarily service the UK, Irish, and North American markets. 


Lauren Rose | Founder & CEO


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