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The Five Best YouTube Channels For SEO Beginners

It's true there are tons of excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blogs and websites out there.

You can read up on almost any SEO or digital marketing topic you like, from quick overviews to in-depth "How To" posts.

But if you're a beginner to SEO, visual content from the best in the business provides a superior learning experience.

Luckily, YouTube is packed with marketing channels where you can access videos on anything from keyword research techniques to setting up your Google Analytics account and everything in between.

To save you some time trawling through YouTube search results, we've rounded up the best SEO YouTube channels for beginners.

Number #1: Google Search Central:

Google Search Central is Google's own SEO YouTube channel.

This means it's the first stop you should be making on your SEO journey.

It's perfect for newbies or seasoned SEO pros who want to ensure they get a valid source of information.

Not only does it help you find information and tools to understand and improve your site's visibility on the SERP, but it gives you insider information too.

One of the most valuable resources on the channel is its search console training videos.

Getting to grips with the search console can be challenging at first.

However, if you use these videos, you'll get some unique insights into how and why SEO works the way it does.

It also comes with great insights into webmaster-related content like:

  • Crawling

  • Indexing

  • Mobile sites

  • Internationalization

  • Duplicate content

  • Sitemaps

  • Search Console

  • Multi-lingual/multi-regional sites

Last but not least, this channel also has weekly Google SEO Office Hours with John Mueller, a great resource for staying on top of SEO updates.

Number #2: Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is a great free resource for SEO beginners.

As one of the original digital marketing influencers, Neil Patel's website, Social media and especially his YouTube channel are packed full of helpful information.

Amongst Patel's most popular videos is a guide to ranking on the SERP in 2022.

He also provides great video content on writing SEO-optimized blogs and bringing new traffic to new websites.

Budding SEO professionals will find his SEO unlocked course particularly useful and neatly packaged into a channel playlist.

Other great series on the channel include:

  • Growth Hacking

  • Local SEO

  • Ecommerce SEO

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

Neil posts almost once a week every week and is a great channel to bookmark for a steady stream of fresh content.

Number #3: Ahrefs:

Ahrefs publishes new digital marketing and SEO tutorials on YouTube almost every month.

Their videos are designed to teach you all you need to know to grow organic traffic on Google, improve visibility online, and maximize your online presence through various digital marketing channels.

It's a great place to start for raw beginners and is useful to even the most seasoned industry expert, with tutorials ranging from:

  • Keyword Research

  • Link Building

  • Content Marketing

  • Technical SEO

  • Youtube SEO and even;

  • Google Ads

Or anything else related to digital marketing in this day and age.

Not only do they give you detailed breakdowns on complex SEO stuff, but they also do tutorials and case studies to contextualize issues.

Number #4: Brian Dean:

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko and an SEO god.

All his SEO and content marketing knowledge was gained through practical experience when Brian launched his own personal finance website.

Since then, he's converted this knowledge into a highly successful SEO software platform and a YouTube channel packed with actionable tips.

An example of some of his unique SEO insights includes how to find the right keywords to succeed on YouTube.

If that's not enough, Brian also breaks down various SEO techniques, including:

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Blog Growth

  • White Hat Link Building

  • Advanced SEO Strategies

  • Unique SEO case studies

All of Brian's videos aim to give you actionable tips and techniques, all backed by real-life examples and case studies.

Number #5: SEMrush:

The SEMrush YouTube channel is a free video resource for all things search engine marketing and SEMrush.

This means that they not only give you detailed tutorials on harnessing the power of one of the most sophisticated marketing tools on earth but also share deep SEO knowledge for free.

SEMrush also have an incredible array of speakers and experts who lead walk-throughs and tutorials almost weekly on new and emerging areas of online marketing.

They're not just limited to SEO content.

They also run a blog with weekly and bi weekly posts and publish regular webinars featuring the best in the business.

The channel covers everything from basic SEO to more advanced concepts.

This means it's great for pros and beginners alike.

Dive Right Into Your SEO Journey

Busy professionals and business owners don't have a lot of time on their hands to implement SEO techniques.

If you love to learn but need support in getting your SEO strategy off the ground, we're here to help.

Get in touch with Innovation-X today to chat SEO strategy, research, tactics and implementation.

We'll get your website and SEO strategy up to scratch and provide the support you need to make sure it's executed to perfection.


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